1. Active participation – directly and constructively involving FEDRA members in its activities by taking part in discussions, group or public debates;
  2. Partnership – affiliation to organizations and institutions to promote the rights of people with autism spectrum disorders as well as FEDRA’s aim;
  3. Transparency – the decision making process respects the opinion of the majority of its members expressed either by open vote or free speech;
  4. Communication – communication between FEDRA members follows the principles of transparency; the elected president or authorized representatives (members of the board) will communicate on behalf of FEDRA with third parties; the means and rules of communication are described separately;
  5. Apolitical – neither FEDRA’s members nor FEDRA itself can be represented by politically involved people, in order to avoid the enslavement of the Federation to the interests of a political party.
  6. Non-discrimination – members shall not discriminate in any way members of other organizations or other FEDRA members. We will not tolerate discrimination on any grounds, sexual harassment, indecent behavior, bullying and intimidation.
  7. Equal opportunities – each and every FEDRA member will have equal opportunities within the organization to hold administrative functions and also to take part in various events organized or attended by a FEDRA representative.
  8. Respect for people with autism spectrum disorder – FEDRA beneficiaries, members of FEDRA organizations as well as members of other organizations