FEDRA advocats for:

  • the rights of people with ASD stipulated by national and international legislation;
  • improving the legal framework regarding the rights of people with ASD;
  • promoting research for early diagnosis of people with ASD;
  • promoting  research regarding interventions in ASD;
  • supporting the development of educational and training systems for people working in the field of  ASD, in order to enhance social inclusion;
  • establishing an internationally validated system of certification and recognition of experts, interventions and instruments for ASD and authorizing the competent  institutions  to issue these certifications;
  • representing its founding and affiliated members in Romania and abroad;
  • promoting education, counseling, training, welfare and care for people with ASD;
  • developing partnerships with public and private institutions aa well as other institutions and NGOs in Romania and abroad, to promote the aim of the Federation;
  • creating and maintaining a communication platform for transferring information to and between members;
  • promoting and disseminating each member’s experience and good practice examples;
  • fundraising for FEDRA’s projects;
  • promoting and implementing the European Acquis regarding people with disabilities;
  • legal assistance for its members and beneficiaries;